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Journal 03

Refining your brand direction

So you’ve chosen the preferred concept direction for your brand (yay!) and are keen to now roll out all your bits and pieces like business cards and promo items. But what if you’ve got some minor feedback you’d like to discuss?

Well... the design refinement stage is all about developing and extending the concept direction across various other collateral and tweaking how all the elements work together. In an ideal world the concept presentation would perfectly suit your needs and you’d have no feedback. Fingers crossed. But this is also a great point for discussing what feedback you might have on your selected direction and where designers make any minor refinements. It is, afterall, about collaboration and getting you (the client) what you are want. As long as it all meets the original brief, you’ve been clear on what you are after and you haven’t changed your mind on an essential component – like now targeting men in their 20s, instead of women in their 50s – this should all be expected.

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Be clear with your feedback

Try and be as clear and as succinct as you can about anything you might want to amend. Just don’t like that orange in the colour in the palette? Let’s change it. You’d prefer your imagery to be brighter and lighter? That’s great. Or your graphic elements to be a different pattern or arrangement. No problem.

But if you’ve selected a concept and then change all the work against your designers recommendations, then there might be a problem with the brief or the original concept. Talk to you designers about your concerns, if you have any, and allow them to come back with the refined design to meet your requests.

Hitting the mark

We’d all love a concept direction to truly hit the mark and not require any changes, which does happen. But sometimes, we just need to allow for some refinement to really provide the best possible brand for our clients. So while we all may not like giving or receiving feedback, no matter how constructive, this stage is essential for communicating your wishes. Feedback with kindness and be clear on what you would like to see and why. We, as designers, often get attached to our creations, but in the end our purpose is to make our clients happy.

We’d love to hear what think and if you have any questions, shout out here.


Sarah Lawrey