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Journal 7

New year, new brand

5 top tips for refreshing your brand in 2019

It’s a new year, summer is here and you’ve come to work feeling refreshed but lacking a bit of motivation. Well, maybe your brand needs a refresh? New year, new brand, I say.

If you are thinking about a fresh start for your brand, then you are in luck. I’ve got the 5 top tips for making sure your brand refresh gets off to a successful start in 2019.

07 New year new brand-02.png

1. Have a think about what your brand is all about. What does your brand stand for and what makes you different? Sometimes we need help from the outside to see what actually makes our brand tick, so consider talking to your suppliers, regular customers or key employees to find out what they think. If you need help, engage a branding designer to work through your brand strategy with you.

2. Review your competitors. What do they do well and how can you be different? What is their visual style as well as their written messaging - how do they communicate to their audience?

3. Research some brands you like. Whether as a web search or via Pinterest, compile a few examples of branding you really like. This doesn’t have to be in your industry, you can review any type of industry and save some visual examples for branding that resonates with you. Discuss these with your branding designer as to why you like them and how these might relate to your brand.

4. Write a clear creative brief. Compile all your findings and research and put it into a creative brief for your branding designer. Be specific about your objectives for your brand and what you want to achieve. Work out what collateral you need to refresh and write this in the brief. You might want new business cards, promo postcards, social media assets and a web refresh, but prioritise what your key items are and how you are going to update them.

5. Work with a trusted brand expert. Your branding designer will be able to help you with all these steps and get you going in the right direction. By engaging a brand designer to create a brand strategy and then move onto the brand identity design, you’ll be able to get excited about the year ahead and a new vision for your brand.

Collectus can help you with these steps and work with you to develop a branding plan through our new 1-on-1 brand sessions, so email Sarah here to find out more. We’d love to work with you.

Sarah Lawrey