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Journal 11

Getting clear on your brand values

June 2019

Defining brand values is my favourite part of any brand strategy.

Brand values are a really important part of the branding process. They reflect the character and personality of your brand. They not only help you as a business define why and how you go about what you do, but they also reflect what your logo and overall visual branding should look and feel like.

Brand values_00-02.png

Sitting down with your team (or yourself if you are a solo biz owner ;) and brainstorming what the 4 or 5 key values for your brand are, is a great way to start. Picking up on nuances of certain words or discussing if you are more of something than the other, to drill down to just a few values that just say what you are all about.

These brand values help your designer understand what your brand reflects and gives them a great starting point for creative thinking.

While brand values are one part of the strategic process, this is the part that you can create yourself, or you can engage a branding studio to help facilitate your strategy as a whole and they will guide you through the building of your brand story.

I love simplicity, and brand values should be simple, easy to understand and clear. To help you explain to new and existing staff what drives these values, it's a good idea to write an explanatory sentence for each value, to really drill down into what it means for your company.

If you need some inspiration, look at what other companies out there have for their values. For example, Nike’s values are performance, authenticity, innovation, and sustainability. Virgin’s values are insatiable curiosity, delightfully surprising, heartfelt service, smart disruption, red hot relevance and straight up and their careers page describes more about what these values mean to them.

Of course, brand values all link into your brand statement, positioning, brand story, mission, vision statement and your key messages. They are just one part of a whole, but also a great place to start you thinking about the character and essence of your brand.