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Journal 8

Why concepts are so important

Yeah, this quote made me laugh! While it might just be a simple play on words, it also made me think about how some clients like to skip the creative concept process altogether and run straight with what they are thinking for their brand direction.

08 Use a concept-02.png

Great clients I’ve worked with have briefed in their thinking, allowing us to come up with several concepts (usually around 3 different directions), which not only speak to the brief and vision the client has but may focus on slightly different aspects of the brief, that the client hasn’t thought of.

Providing this choice of concept directions for the client, not only adds valuable design thinking to the visual outcome but also draws on the designer’s expertise to deliver a conceptual direction that the client may not have thought of.

The best brand projects are a collaborative forming of a creative brief, as well as client trust in your designer. We encourage our clients to send through some visuals on Pinterest of things they have found and are drawn to so that we can understand their thinking where words in a brief may not be sufficient.

We find that an important part of the conceptual process is where the designer comes back with a variety of mood boards so that we can really drill down into creative directions for the brief. This is extra helpful where the brief may have changed, or the client is unable to put their vision into words. Not only solidifying the brief, but enabling both parties to feel comfortable with, and agree on, the concept directions before any design work commences.

If you are thinking it may be cheaper to run directly with your vision for the brand, you are really only asking for a logo and you won’t be getting the most value from your designer, or building your business a brand with longevity.

So value the time and effort that goes into creating concepts, as this is where all the creative thinking and expert insight comes from.

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